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And then there were none, 2019

A collaborative book by four New Zealand-based photographers and one writer, breaks out of conventional story-telling to play out their anxieties and doubts about the world they see.

Developed over the last two years with regular meetings indulging in wine and homemade cheese as excuses for friendship and banter, .....and then there were none grew from conversations and arguments about mortality, our technologically conflicted existence and the degradation of the environment.

The project triggered its own version of flygscam (flight-shame) for the collaborators: conflicted by international travel that made many of the photographs and text possible but now tainted by knowing the greater price that is being extracted.

Many of the images and the text are drenched in sordid human histories that recall the myriad pathways that have led us to now, and to what comes next.

A nod to mortality echoing through the book is made more stark by the recent death of one of Harvey, adding a sense of urgency to the title of the book - not just for the remaining collaborators, but for us all.

64 page, hard back 

270 x 200mmm 

Published by Rim Books 

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