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Nothing eventually, 2019 

Nothing Eventually is a series of 57 photographs made in Tokyo, on three visits over a 15 year period, April 1999 / June 2005 / July 2015. It records the perplexing extremes and contradictions that exist in this strange and complex mega city. Village-like suburban streets sit quietly alongside the love hotels, the Pachinko parlours, the boy-girl meet up clubs, the Harajuku girls and the endless neon. The aged shuffle on while youth push the extremes. Despite the depth of the city’s unique Japanese culture there is an aura of impending doom where the brilliance and glitter of Tokyo’s veneer will inevitably lead to an unhappy ending.

64 page - hardback 

170 x 240 x 10mm, 55 photographs

Published by Dewi Lewis, UK

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