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victory of the trivial, 2008 

Victory of the Trivial continues Benge’s exploration into the nature of things and the signification to be found in the banal, the ordinary and the overlooked. Despite the apparent insignificance and banality of the subject matter, these disposable $2 objects seem to take on a life of their own and through his lens we find questions, narratives and strange ambiguities. Here Benge is commenting on systems of production, consumption and value and humankinds ceaseless quest for fulfillment through desire. The victory of the trivial.

The series consists of twenty photographs of unremarkable $2 shop objects.


Pigment printed on archival matt paper. Each image is initialed, numbered and assembled in a translucent plastic box.

Published by FAQEDITIONS in an edition of 10. 


BENH-0283 (1).jpg
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