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you won't be with me tomorrow, 2015

This book is a sequel to the narrative  Benge developed in his 2013 book, 'Some Things You Should Have Told Me' which was selected by Jörg Colberg as one of the best photobooks of the year. Both books deal with the pain of relationship, the seeming inevitability of separation and the mistrust that is its consequence.  Benge’s visual vocabulary is typically elusive, but in You Won’t Be With Me Tomorrow he examines a larger narrative. Amongst images of empty rotundas, retreating figures and vanishing planes, a closed door has panes of light, sunlight falls across a track. It’s as if Benge, while chronicling the pain of connection, also suggests subtle ways forward.

88 pages - Hardcover

221mm x 170mm, 68 colour photographs

Published by Dewi Lewis Publishing, UK

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